Issues of race, gender, culture, and identity are important to stakeholders.  Getting identity wrong can cost organizations, making it hard to attract new talent, retain diverse teams, and serve clients of all kinds. Approaching inclusion right can supercharge your organization with the talent and company culture it needs to be successful. Give your team the tools and resources they need to begin building a more inclusive organization in this intensive training.

Diversity and inclusion work isn’t just about doing the right thing, it’s also about doing the best thing to make sure your organization is ready for the culture shift taking place in America. Organizations need to develop a clear strategy for navigating cultural change that includes training and education, action plans for every team, and support and resources to execute on those plans. Turn your worries about diversity into a plan forward to making it one of your organizations greatest strengths.

 Let’s chart your path to the future. 

The Navigators diversity training is designed to prepare your team to thrive through change and expand to enrich your community and contribute to an increasingly inclusive workplace.  Your team will leave with:

  • resources for individuals to learn about diversity and inclusion concepts, getting comfortable with the work of making an inclusive environment
  • tools for building intercultural relationships and improving interpersonal interactions, even around difficult topics.
  • clear actionable steps for teams to craft equitable policies and processes that boost inclusion across the organization
  • clear values around diversity for your organization that help everyone focus on growing together.

Customize this intensive training to fit your schedule and your teams.  Inquire today to get started.