Culture is the structure we use to live work and play together. 

Culture is constructed from our beliefs and values, the norms we live by and the rules we agree to.  Culture helps to shape our families, our communities and our country making a chaotic environment stable.  But what do we do when the structures that stabilize us shift and change?  

We live in turbulent times.

We can see the effects of our changing culture in our politics, in our professional and personal lives. Stories about race and culture fill the news every day, stories of division, tension, and violence. Increasing diversity is inevitable but the tension in trouble it often comes with doesn’t have to be.

Increased diversity represents huge opportunities to build stronger teams, healthier communities, and richer lives.

Each of us has the ability to take an active role in learning about and supporting diversity to help ourselves and our organizations leverage those opportunities. Let’s work together to chart a path forward from chaos to more inclusive communities.